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Our store, Mr. Landscape Nursery & Garden Center, has been open since 1997. This year is our 26th year! It is owned and operated by husband and wife, Rick and Merry Hadfield. Rick has been in the Nursery industry since 1981. He has been a Nebraska Certified Nurseryman since 1985. He is also EPA Certified for chemical applications. We are a Licensed Nebraska Contractor, hold a Nebraska Nursery Stock License and are fully insured.

We believe we stand apart from the crowd in that we landscape for the long term. We space the plants properly from the beginning so they will look great when full grown. We see too many landscapes with plants planted too close together that later some plants must be removed. This just costs you extra money in unnecessary plants you paid for and their removal later. We really love plants and will not over plant to pad the bid. We don't want you to just be happy now; we want you to be happy years later when your landscape is fully mature!

We are also seeing many landscapers that do not use landscape fabric under the rock or mulch and call it "Natural Landscaping". We are seeing a lot of people in this situation having a lot of weed problems, which causes more maintenance for the homeowners or more cost if they must hire the work out. We always have and always will use landscape fabric as this cuts down on maintenance and still allows water to flow through but prevents weed growth. We use a high quality fabric that will last 20+ years. 

We are also seeing landscapers that are not using any type of edging product and again calling it " Natural Landscaping" or "Natural Edging". The problem we are seeing with this is that every year it must be retrenched because dirt and/ or grass find there way into the trench. We still use a commercial grade edging and always will as it makes lower maintenance for the homeowner. We believe most people are pretty busy these days and don't want to spend more time than necessary to keep their landscaping looking nice. We try to design and install landscapes that are as low maintenance as possible!

Call Mr. Landscape Nursery & Garden Center for your landscaping needs!

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